How To Resolve Yahoo Mail Not Responding Issue?

As we all know that Yahoo has always been the first choice of its users, as it is considered one of the best options in comparison to other desktop applications. The main reason for this could also be this that users can save their emails online. And with yahoo mail service you can maintain the calendar, manage your contacts and send and receive emails. There are situations when the user faces many other technical hurdles and they need the assistance of experts. Therefore we have come up with the blog to provide you with a step-by-step solution that you can follow through the troubleshooting problems.

Problems Faced When Yahoo Not Responding Properly

  • You will not be able to sign-in,
  • Your send and receive process of emails will be stopped,
  • The contact list will get missed,
  • You may encounter spams,
  • You may also face a problem with ad pop-ups and software,

Troubleshooting Method 1:-

  • Open the web browser first,
  • Tap on the three dots option which you can see in the top right corner of the browser,
  • Now choose the settings option,
  • Click on advanced option,
  • Click on http://chrome://settings/clearBrowserData on the advanced option,
  • You will see the option of “Clear browsing data”, so click on the checkbox for cookies and cached files or images in order to clear the list,
  • Now click on the timing range option  and choose the option of “all-time”,
  • Once it is done click on correct data option.

Second Troubleshooting Method

  • In the settings option of web browser click on Advanced settings option,
  • Now look for the “content settings” which is in the privacy section,
  • Choose all sites to run the Script from the section of JavaSript,
  • And then click on done option to save the settings,
  • And type your yahoo mail in the search bar,

Troubleshooting Method 3

  • Make sure that your email is accessed on other browser or not, check whether your Yahoo account is working properly or not. To do this you need to sign-in your yahoo account in another browser. If you are authorized to access your account then everything is fine.
  • You can start and renew the yahoo app. If anything goes unresponsive then you can try to close it and open it again,
  • For the users of iOS, you need to re-add the email account using IMAP. It will allow you to configure the email account using the Manual step through IMAP.

It may be possible that you still encounter the problem of yahoo mail not responding properly then in such cases you need to contact Yahoo customer service so that the professionals can help you with immediate solutions and steps. We make sure to remove the error permanently. We are the reliable Yahoo customer service providers who can help you with immediate solutions at your step. You all need to do is to dial our toll-free number anytime or drop us an email so that we can contact you back.

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